7 Steps for Open Innovation by @Lindegaard: Grading Your Company’s Open Innovation Capabilities

I am happy to give you access to the PowerPoint presentation deck for my new concept, which I might turn into an open source project (see more below).

The premise for the 7 Steps for Open Innovation …

15 Examples of Open Innovation between Big Companies and Startups

Open innovation is a strategic game for big companies and one of the most important moves to consider for their innovation leaders is the allocation of focus and resources in the context of open innovation.

Here we …

FREE Books, Papers and Insights on Open Innovation and Innovation Culture

I believe in being open and sharing insights so here you can download free books, papers and exercises related to my work.

I hope you will find this worth your time and if so, it would be …

An Open Innovation Talk by Stefan Lindegaard (Video)

Do you want some insights and inspiration on open innovation? Then you should check out this presentation that I gave at the recent re:publica conference in Berlin.

YouTube Preview Image

Here you get a short description of the talk:

Companies …

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Making Innovation Happen at Siemens: Open Co-Ideation Is Key

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Siemens is one of the big global companies that puts lots of efforts into their innovation efforts and they have lots of initiatives on open innovation, co-creation and co-ideation within the company itself or even with external …

Coca-Cola Founders: A New Model for Creating Startups?

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“We’re trying to create a win-win,” David Butler, Coke’s global VP of innovation and entrepreneurship, says about the new Coca-Cola Founders platform. “First we partner with experienced entrepreneurs and invite them to join our global co-founder …

How Big Companies Innovate With Startups and SME’s

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There are so many examples of big companies innovating with startups and SME’s and as this innovation dynamic grows and matures, we are also starting to see different ways in which this take place.

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Free Webinar: Bringing Assets, Needs, Value Pools and Channels Together for Better Open Innovation

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On Oct 23, you can join a webinar, where we will look into how companies must find the right balance between internal open innovation and “true” open innovation, how the triple matrix of direction, value pools and …

Five Keys for Career Success: Lessons from Ellison, Gates and Jobs

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The Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten, just posted an interesting article in which the journalist looked into some common traits from the founders of Microsoft, Oracle and Apple.

These five keys for success are worth paying attention to you …

Chief Innovation Officer – An Insider or an Outsider?

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I predict that lots of companies are going to hire or appoint a Chief Innovation Officer (or someone with a similar title / area of responsibility) in the coming years. The reasons are quite compelling:

• Companies …

Key Questions for Open Innovation Between Big Companies and Startups / SME’s

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I am working on two surveys that will look into the innovation interactions between large companies and startups / SME’s.

One survey will be targeted towards corporate innovation teams in the large companies and the other will …

Top 5 Innovation Trends and Topics – Oct 2014

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What is trending in the innovation community right now? Here you get my views based on the interactions I have had in the recent months.

1. Startups and SME’s meet big corporates

Big companies want to become …

Be Agile and Open; Become a New Type of Business

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There is a new book on innovation worth looking into – Agile Innovation; The Revolutionary Approach to Accelerate Success, Inspire Engagement and Ignite Creativity by innovation experts Langdon Morris, Moses Ma and Po Chi Wu.

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