15 Examples of Open Innovation between Big Companies and Startups

Open innovation is a strategic game for big companies and one of the most important moves to consider for their innovation leaders is the allocation of focus and resources in the context of open innovation.

Here we …

FREE Books, Papers and Insights on Open Innovation and Innovation Culture

I believe in being open and sharing insights so here you can download free books, papers and exercises related to my work.

I hope you will find this worth your time and if so, it would be …

An Open Innovation Talk by Stefan Lindegaard (Video)

Do you want some insights and inspiration on open innovation? Then you should check out this presentation that I gave at the recent re:publica conference in Berlin.

YouTube Preview Image

Here you get a short description of the talk:

Companies …

Innovation: The 7 Key Differences Between Big and Small Companies

Anyone who has worked for both a large corporation and a small, entrepreneurial company can talk endlessly about the differences in the two cultures and mindsets.

In this post, I look into these differences and the challenges …

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Open Innovation in the Sports Industry

September 17, 2014 15inno No Comments
by Stefan Lindegaard

I just went through a SlideShare presentation titled Innovation in the Sports Industry. It was interesting enough for me to share it in this blog post where I am also asking for your answers to a …

Cisco: Entrepreneurs in Residence, Open Innovation and Communication

September 15, 2014 15inno No Comments
by Stefan Lindegaard

Let me start out by making it clear that I think Cisco is doing quite well with their Entrepreneurs in Residence Program (EIR).

The initiative is relevant and timely as startups today are viewed as some of …

How Crowdsourcing Becomes an Innovation Engine: 6 Rules to Follow

September 12, 2014 15inno No Comments
by Stefan Lindegaard

This is a guest post by Frank Hatzack, Head of Innovation Development at Novozymes

At Novozymes, an industrial bio-tech company, internal crowdsourcing is an important means to engage the employees in the creative process. The

The Open Innovation Manifesto by GE

September 11, 2014 15inno 4 Comments
by Stefan Lindegaard

Companies need to know why they are pursuing open innovation and they need to be strong communicators on their efforts. Those are two key steps in my new framework – 7 Steps for Open Innovation.

Well, …

7 Steps for Open Innovation by @Lindegaard: Grading Your Company’s Open Innovation Capabilities

September 9, 2014 15inno No Comments
by Stefan Lindegaard

I am happy to give you access to the PowerPoint presentation deck for my new concept, which I might turn into an open source project (see more below).

The premise for the 7 Steps for Open Innovation …

A Safe Approach to Open Innovation: Start Within Your Company!

September 9, 2014 15inno 1 Comment
by Stefan Lindegaard

Most companies have embraced open innovation today, but their efforts are still very different. Some get it, some don’t and some are still trying.

I would guesstimate that about 20% of the bigger companies (more than 500 …

People are Key for Better Execution on Innovation – Lessons from Brazil

September 6, 2014 15inno No Comments
by Stefan Lindegaard

There is plenty of awareness on open innovation and crowdsourcing in Brazil. I have learned this through frequent visits to this great country, where I have giving several keynotes at well-attended conferences. The last one was Conferencia

The Innovation MasterClass by Stefan Lindegaard

September 3, 2014 15inno No Comments
by Stefan Lindegaard

A SPECIAL DEAL! – Join now and get the rest of 2014 for free!

Do you want to stay ahead of the curve and gain inspiration and new insights on innovation management? Join the Innovation MasterClass by …

Be Intellectually Compelling and Emotionally Engaging

August 29, 2014 15inno No Comments
by Stefan Lindegaard

Novozymes is an interesting company that puts lots of efforts into building a strong and sustaining innovation culture. I know this from my interactions with the company some years ago and it was also shown, when Frank

Dairy Industry! Where Are Your Open Innovation Efforts?

August 27, 2014 15inno 6 Comments
by Stefan Lindegaard

I am calling out the dairy industry and I am asking them a question.

Where are your open innovation initiatives?

Having done some quick research on the dairy industry in relation to a FMCG project, I am …