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I believe in being open and sharing insights so here you can download free books, papers and exercises related to my work. I hope you will find this worth your time and if so, it would be …

40 Examples of Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing

We can call it open innovation, crowdsourcing or co-creation – or something else. In short, it is about bringing external input to an innovation process and this is no longer a buzzword.

Companies are learning that they …

An Open Innovation Talk by Stefan Lindegaard (Video)

Do you want some insights and inspiration on open innovation? Then you should check out this presentation that I gave at the recent re:publica conference in Berlin.

Here you get a short description of the talk:

Companies …

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Why Corporate Innovators Should Think Like Losers! – Podcast

April 22, 2014 15inno No Comments
by Stefan Lindegaard

In this short podcast, I explain why corporate innovators should think like losers and develop BHAG’s. This sounds a bit odd, but I hope it makes sense when you listen to my advice. Hopefully, this can help get corporate innovators to reflect on their current innovation efforts.


Innovation as a Career Choice

April 8, 2014 15inno 3 Comments
by Stefan Lindegaard

Do you want to work with innovation? Or do you already work with innovation and like this so much that you want to build you career on this?

I am working on a short and sharp webinar in which I share my views on what it takes to get to work with innovation today and how you can stay sharp in a fast moving business discipline that is getting more and more respect among the top executives.

It would be great to get you input on what to include in such a webinar so I am asking you for questions that you would me to address. As a discussion starter, I have listed some potential topics for the webinar below:

• What you need to

Crowdsourcing = Marketing or Innovation?

April 7, 2014 15inno 1 Comment
by Stefan Lindegaard

When companies tap into the crowd in the right way, they can reap lots of benefits. They are primarily focused on innovation and marketing and while many believe (myself included) that the ”proper” form of crowdsourcing leans towards the innovation benefits, we do see lots of initiatives that are more about marketing than innovation.

I recently wrote a post on LEGO Cuusoo. This is an initiative that I like a lot and I also argued that this is more about innovation than marketing.

This spurred a good discussion with Klaus-Peter Speidel on the intersection of innovation and marketing in the context of crowdsourcing. We have some disagreeements although I don’t think we are too far from each other.

Here you get our discussion. Feel …

A Crowd is Not Wise; The Filtering Team Must Be – Insights from Novozymes

April 4, 2014 15inno No Comments
by Stefan Lindegaard

I participated at the Community Conference in Copenhagen as a panel moderator. The energy and the buzz felt great so it was with mixed feelings that I had to leave early.

However, the Twitter stream on #CCDK gave me a good idea of the topics discussed at the conference and I paid extra attention to tweets related to a presentation given by Frank Hatzack, who is Head of Innovation Development at Novozymes.

They included:

Culture is what the employees do when the boss is not around.

Don’t oversize your crowds if you want rapid learnings cycles.

How wise is a crowd? The screening/filtering teams are wise. The crowd as such is not.

Simplicity is key when inviting people to participate in an ideation …

Who Are the Better Innovators – Global Giants or Startups/SME’s? – FREE WEBINAR, APRIL 8

April 3, 2014 15inno No Comments
by Stefan Lindegaard

Who are the better innovators – the global giants or the startups and SME’s? What are the key differences between these types of companies in the context of innovation? What are the do’s and don’ts when they want to innovate together?

You can get the answers to the above questions and other insights by joining a short and sharp webinar on April 8 at 10.30-11am New York time. It is free of charge and you can register on this link:

Innovation: Global Giants vs Startups and SME’s

Please feel free to share this with your colleagues, friends and network.

About Stefan Lindegaard:

Stefan Lindegaard is an author, speaker and strategic advisor. His focus on the topics of open innovation, innovation culture/management and the people side …

Free Consulting Session for Corporate Innovators

April 2, 2014 15inno No Comments
by Stefan Lindegaard

Are you looking for external perspectives on the innovation initiatives in your company?

I am offering a free 1-hour consulting session for corporate innovators on the topics of open innovation, innovation culture/management and the people side of innovation (the mindset, skills, toolbox needed for innovation today).

The session can take place as a talk over the phone or face-to-face if I happen to visit your city in the near future. As preparation for the session, I will ask for a short description of your issues and challenges and 3 questions that you would like me answer.

It would be great if we can turn this into a podcast or blog post with or without mentioning your company.

Get in touch if you would like to …

The $20 Corporate Innovation Training Program

April 2, 2014 15inno No Comments
by Stefan Lindegaard

Can you really provide proper innovation training for just $20 a person? Yes – if you are smart on how you do it and if you have a certain size.

I believe the future of training is a combination of webinars, learning resources (good reads and podcasts) and face-to-face interactions. Big companies in particular have already embraced virtual learning for many business functions and the next frontier is innovation.

My contribution is corporate webinars on the topics of open innovation, innovation culture / management and the people side of innovation (the mindset, skills and toolbox needed for innovation).

We work together on the webinar topic so that it addresses your corporate issues and challenges. Then we deliver it to your employees across your many locations. …

A Podcast on The Definitions of Innovation

April 1, 2014 15inno No Comments
by Stefan Lindegaard

What is the right definition of innovation? What about open innovation? We could spend days arguing this and it would to some extent be a waste of time. That is one of my observations on the definitions of innovation, which is the topic I address in this podcast where you can also hear these messages:

• companies should develop a common language and understanding rather than a definition
• open or external innovation is more like a mindset than a process or toolbox
• companies must become better communicators on their innovation capabilities

This is a quick, 5 minutes podcast. I hope you will enjoy it!


Please feel free to forward questions or issues that I could address in future podcasts….

8 Insights on Crowdsourcing

March 31, 2014 15inno No Comments
by Stefan Lindegaard

During the CoDev 2014 conference, I attended a morning session hosted by InnoCentive. The title was “Engaging the Crowd with Custom Challenge Programs” and the panelists included Lisa Inoue (Dow Chemical), Kiko Suarez (Lumina Foundation) and Siobhan Gomis (InnoCentive).

I do not have high expectations for panels, but this one actually turned out to be quite interesting and I managed to tweet some good quotes and insights that I would like to share with you.

Here we go:

1. Why go public w crowdsourcing? = raise the profile of the problem, organization and cause says Gomis #CoDev2014

2. Crowdsourcing / Challenge Programs enable you to engage the broader crowd, ways to share insights, build community Gomis #CoDev2014

3. Compelling way to end a challenge …

A Video on Open Innovation: New Opportunities, New Challenges (for Universities and TTO’s)

March 27, 2014 15inno No Comments
by Stefan Lindegaard

It has been a while since I participating in an interesting event organized by British Library in London.

I was invited to give a talk on Open Innovation: New Opportunities, New Challenges with a twist towards higher educational institutions. However, the content is also relevant for the private sector. The organizers shot some good videos of me and the other speakers and I would like to share my video with you.

In the presentation, I start out by sharing some interesting insights by Chesbrough and Brunswicker that open innovation actually works. You can read more about their report here: Open Innovation Works! – Positive Conclusions in New Report

You should also listen to Brian McCaul’s views on technology transfer and the role of universities …