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Open Innovation Examples and Resources

by Stefan Lindegaard
March 2, 20103/2/10 53 Comments

I have created a list of examples and resources that I find useful in my work with open innovation. I hope you can find some inspiration on this. Let me know if you believe something is missing.

Corporate websites – examples of open innovation and crowdsourcing-like initiatives:

Open innovation / crowdsourcing intermediaries and platforms:

(Open) Innovation management software / platforms:

Annual open innovation conferences:

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  1. In my blog I have put together a list of Open Innovation and Co-Creation examples we did for clients like Daimler/Smart, Siemens, Swarovski or SAP on the other side of the pond – primarily Germany and Austria:

    Lots of user-generated ideas and designs to be explored. Enjoy and let me know what you think.


  2. Andrea Meyer says:

    I would also add http://www.ideas4all.com to the list. They have contests as well as a crowdsourcing platform for sale.

  3. Charlie Warner says:

    Here is a wonderful example of spontaneous crowd sourcing in the face of a natural disaster, a perfect demonstration of how brainstorming should work…


    Actually, the CR4 Engineer’s Discussion Groups sponsored by GlobalSpec contain many fine examples of non-commercial crowd-sourcing, as a diverse group of engineers and other interested parties combine their expertise to address issues of common interest…

  4. Stefan Lindegaard says:

    @Volker, thanks for your input. I added SAP Sapiens as this one seems to be more than a temporary campaign. Please let me know when you do a new campaign for a customer as I would like to know more about the work you do.

    @Andrea, thx, I have added Ideas4all.

    @Charlie, thx for your input. I would categorize CR4 more as a community and discussion forum rather than a crowd-sourcing initiative. Let me know if you see this differently.

  5. David Detlefsen says:

    Item to add for Open innovation / crowdsourcing software:

    BrightIdea (www.brightidea.com)

  6. David Detlefsen says:

    Another Open innovation / crowdsourcing software:

    UserVoice (at uservoice.com)

  7. Vested interest aside, I'd add the InnovationXchange (IXC) to your list of intermediaries above.

  8. Juan Holgado says:

    I want to add to the list this site : http://www.clustic.org, and open innovation iniciative.

  9. Rick Smyers says:

    More additions to the open innovation / crowdsourcing software list:

    BrainBank (www.brainbankinc.com)
    Salesforce.com (www.salesforce.com/crm/customer-service-support/ideation/)
    Jive Software (www.jivesoftware.com/products/technology/modules/ideation)
    Microsoft and Intuit also have solutions, but no web presence for them yet.

  10. Mike Langton says:

    Two niche crowdsourcing intermediaries in the advertising and creative services arena are:




    BootB (which operates in 14 languages as "The borderless creative engine")


  11. Interesting examples. Here are 2 more for the list:
    https://www.atizo.com/ http://www.brainfloor.com/

  12. I came to think about a question for all of you: When you think a couple of years ahead, what do you think will grow faster:

    A. The corporate open innovation / crowdsourcing initiatives


    B. The Open innovation / crowdsourcing intermediaries and platforms

  13. added to above;-); http://www.nosco.dk (Idea Exchange)

  14. Chris Ryu says:

    Stephan, Could you please change the LG's link to LG Collaborate & Innovate

    and the actual url to http://www.collaborateandinnovate.com

    Thanks alot

  15. Hi Stefan,

    One you should add to the list of corporate websites is Reckitt Benckiser's RB-Idealink site at http://www.rb.biz (www.rb-idealink.com also works). I'm biased (I was involved with it) but it is an excellent portal, to the company that won the Economist 2009 award for best use of corporate innovation.

    Best regards

    Kevin McFarthing

  16. Hello Stefan, this is a really good list, but let's improve it a little. 🙂

    Could you add iDS-Innovate to your open innovation software list.

    One of the key features of our offering is the ability to do B2B open innovation, where it's critical to shield possible competitors from each others ideas and contributions. It may sound counter-intuitive to the whole open concept, but it's designed to give organizations a level of security control as they cautiously embrace OI.


  17. Don´t forget Innoradar, the Open Innovation company devoted to Latin America.

    All the best, Alvaro

  18. Hey Stefan, great list! Could you also add Napkin Labs (www.napkinlabs.com) to the list of Open innovation / crowdsourcing intermediaries and platforms.

    Napkin Labs has created a software platform that enables companies to engage with a curated community of customers in real time to create unique, collaborative insights on products and services.


    Lindsay Gulisano

  19. Hi Stefan!

    Excellent List!

    Allthough 3M Zukunft-Innovation is not a corporate website, but really an open innovation platform. 3M only sponsored the development and donated the platform to the public.

    Always happy to talk to you should you want some more information!


    Constantin Ettingshausen

  20. Ross Gardler says:

    One for your events list: http://transfersummit.com

    Thanks for this really useful list.

  21. Hi Stefan,

    Thank you for this list which starts to be comprehensive of main initiatives…

    I have a question for you: do you consider Open Innovation consulting companies as intermediaries or do you think they should deserve a separate entry?



    • Stefan Lindegaard says:

      Hi Yassine,

      There might be reasons to give consulting companies their own category. However, most companies have a combination of services/applications and consulting services to offer. Stefan

      • miguelaristizabal says:

        I also support it, as to embrace real Open Inno you must offer a full pack of alternatives depending on the company environment. I firstly wanted to just provide a web-based problem resolution platform but after a few time talking with customers and experts we build up a full range of services plus platforms related as Mr. Sthefan said to you.

  22. Rick Smyers says:

    I'm organizing a brainstorming session between my company and another from a different industry. We're hoping that we will each be able to bring a fresh perspective to the other. However, I'm wondering about the right type of legal agreement to cover such a session. Do you have a sample agreement to cover confidentiality and IP issues for such a session? Any help appreciated.

  23. Jayesh says:

    I would add http://www.ideaken.com under open innovation platform providers in Asia.

  24. Weetta says:

    Hello Stefan,

    Great list! Useful indeed.

    I would add http://www.datastation.com

    Provides on-demand innovation management software services to help companies with global idea capturing and new product development processes.

  25. Francisco says:

    Hello Stefan,

    It would be interesting to add Exago Markets' website (http://www.exagomarkets.com) to the open innovation/crowdsourcing software list. It is a very clear website explaining Exago's solutions and giving a detailed description of its different products.

    Exago Markets is certainly one of the world leading Idea Management software companies when you consider the number of active users and is becoming more and more internationalized with clients spanning a wide variety of industries and business types, both local players and multi-nationals, based in Europe, North and South America. They range from telecom operators and energy suppliers through to major retailers and distribution companies.



  26. metricsmarketing says:

    Great list. There are more every day. I started Trada (www.trada.com) which does crowdsourced paid search. We also started the Crowdsortium (crowdsortium.org) which is a trade group for the CS industry. We have many of the practitioners in it.


  27. Marc Tirel says:

    Thanks for this post and comments.
    Anyone having a list of Open Source Open Innovation Platforms ?

  28. Thank you for sharing this list!

    You can find the Web's only comprehensive directory of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding platforms at this link, http://www.crowdsourcing.org/directory.

  29. Hi Stefan,
    Thanks for this overview. We would be more than happy if you could include http://www.HYPEinnovation.com into your list of Open Innovation / Crowdsourcing software.
    Hype, as one of the world's most widely installed idea management software, offers a broad experience and best practices in open and internal
    innovation and supports global leaders like BASF, Bosch, General Electric, Nokia-Siemens Networks, Procter & Gamble and Roche, as well as many medium-sized companies.


  30. Jennifer van Lent says:

    I would also suggest that HYPE (www.hypeinnovation.com) be included in the Open Innovation/Crowdsourcing Software directory as a global provider – seems like they should be listed here.

  31. Dragan says:


    I would include DataStation in (Open) Innovation management software / platforms, as it is option for Open as well as In-house innovation management platform.

  32. Gourdon says:

    Hi Stefan,
    An Open Innovation intermediary specialised in Chemicals & Materials: http://www.specialchem.com/open-innovation/index….
    Help scout innovative technologies and find co-development partners by connecting you with the largest business Network in Chemicals and Materials (500,000+ registered professionals!).
    Sebastien Gourdon

  33. Olivia says:

    RTI International offers Open Innovation consulting services such as Technology Scouting and Landscape Analysis. http://www.rti.org/innovation

  34. Cristina Rocha says:

    Hi, here are new examples of platforms for open innovation: http://www.ideasbrewery.com/ and http://www.unilever.com/innovation/collaborating-… .

    (I've just posted on Linkedin Innovation Excellence Pt Subgroup. You are always welcome there:)

  35. Great collection of resource.. I appreciate you

  36. Hi Stefan,

    Great list, thanks for sharing.

    Another one to add to the (Open) Innovation management software / platforms: SkisoLabs (http://www.skipsolabs.com/).

  37. SkipsoLabs (sorry for the typo!)

  38. Rich Kneece says:

    Hey Guys,

    Shameless plug here. But would love it if you'd add our product ( VOCOLI ) to your list of open innovation platforms.

    You can link to us at http://www.vocoli.com


  39. temple run for pc says:

    thanks for sahring

  40. FE Ruchon says:

    Hi Stefan,
    Do you plan in updating this list ? Since the year 2010 a lot changed, some players stoped, some remained. SpecialChem has been doing open innovation since 2008, we have great references in our domain of expertise: chemicals and materials.
    In this expertise, we actually have the largest network in the world, much bigger than the other stakeholders: http://www.specialchem.com/open-innovation/index…..
    Let me know if you'd like to know more.

    François-Eudes Ruchon

  41. […] y particularmente anglosajonas, como por ejemplo la lista de casos de Open Innovation de este post, y nuestro blog Sociedad de la Innovación para casos de empresas españolas y de habla hispana, […]

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