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Open Innovation: The View from the Top

by Stefan Lindegaard
August 29, 20108/29/10 3 Comments

Twitter Chat: Thursday, September 2 at 9.00am – 10.00am (New York time)

Topic: Top executives and their view on open innovation

What do top executives actually think of open innovation? How do they approach open innovation? What do they see as the biggest challenges? What advice would a top executive give to innovation directors in charge of implementing open innovation?

I really look forward to hearing the perspectives on these and other questions from three top executives from Psion, the maker of mobile computer products and technologies.

The executives are John Conoley (CEO), Mike Doyle (CTO) and Nick Eades (CMO). Check out the Psion executive team here.

John, Mike and Nick and their colleagues have initiated a corporate open innovation initiative named Open Source Mobility, which includes their Ingenuity Working community. They look forward to sharing their experiences and insights in our Twitter Chat on Thursday at 9am (New York time).

We look forward to tweeting with you. If you cannot make it, then look out for a blog post in which I extract the key lessons from our twitter chat.

What is a Twitter Chat?

A twitter chat is simply a fast paced discussion based on a stream of tweets that are linked together as we use a hashtag – int this case #Psion in all tweets.

An example: “#Psion Let’s get started with the first question to the three Psion executives who will share their experiences and insights on open innovation”

You need a Twitter account to participate and I strongly suggest that you also install a desktop application such as TweetDeck. This allows you to create a column using the search tag #Psion in order to get a full overview of all tweets with the #Psion hashtag.

You should also make sure that your privacy button in Settings on Twitter is off.

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  1. John Kosic says:

    That discussion should be very engaging from Psion because open innovation is the future of the global economy. The power of shared knowledge and its impact on the global economy within the business world is evolving faster than than many industries and governments of the world still reluctant to embrace it.

  2. Excellent use of Twitter! I have been thinking about using Twitter for creating ideas since it's so easy to post messages fast and with the hash #Name is it perfect to identify topics to keep track of the ideas.

    Thanks for suggestion to install the TweetDeck it was a Great tool.

  3. Great use of Twitter. I'm glad I found about about this.