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Twitter and Innovation: A Great Example by Psion

by Stefan Lindegaard
September 14, 20109/14/10 2 Comments

I recently organized a Twitter Chat with and for Psion, the maker of rugged mobile computers.

The topic was Open Innovation: A View from the Top and Psion participated with three top executives including their CEO. Great commitment!

You can search #psion at Twitter in order to see the discussion thread that we got. The chat took place on Sept. 2. Some outcomes included:

• many tweets and retweets (spreading the word about Psion)
• more followers to the Psion guys
• blog posts written by others (http://wp.me/pXewP-dR)

Most importantly, this gave the Psion guys lots of inspiration on what you can actually do with Twitter in order to promote your innovation capabilities and interact with current and future stakeholders in your ecosystems.

You should also check some of the quotes from their executives in this blog post.

Todd Boone is heavily involved in implementing Psion’s open innovation strategy and this is how he reflected on the Twitter chat:

“As Psion evolves its business, it’s imperative to begin the shift from strategic ideas to actual practice – both operationally in terms of how we approach the business but also actively marketing the thought leadership aspect of our transition.

The expectation is to demonstrate this thought leadership through an increasing number of initiatives, both events and virtual transactions that enable us to target a broader audience then we would traditionally communicate with.

This Twitter chat was an ideal first step towards doing this – instead of constraining ourselves to our typical customers, partners and even competitors, we saw this as an opportunity to instead reach out to a broad group focused on the same open innovation philosophies that we are.

It is still early days, but our expectation is to expand our network and knowledge base dramatically over the coming months.”

I like how Psion is curious and brave enough to try out new things and I really like how Psion is willing to share their experiences with others.

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