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Don’t Let Others Steal Your Ideas, Another Cool Idea

by Stefan Lindegaard
September 24, 20109/24/10 No Comments

I recently learned about two cool projects on the intersection of open innovation, IPR and ideas. They are still in the early stages, but I think they have some potential and if you work on this intersection, you should definitely check them out.

Creative Barcode

Creative Barcode™ is a unique protection system for creative and business concepts. It embeds application-driven digital codes into written and visual concepts, proposals or creative works to denote ownership and permission-based usage. Created by designers and innovators, it is a new, simple and effective form of intellectual property protection.

CREAX CreationSuite

Creax offers a suite that among other things lets you extract and analyse relevant information from patents. They argue this open innovation tool gives a helicopter view on technology and maps technology transfer opportunities to build solid partnerships. I saw a quick demo earlier this week and I was intrigued. Big name companies such as P&G, Kraft, Philips already use the suite.

I am not fully sure how CreationSuite and Creative Barcode work, but they definitely look interesting. Why not check them out yourself?