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FREE BOOK: Making Open Innovation Work

by Stefan Lindegaard
October 28, 201110/28/11 35 Comments

“Big and small companies—you need to open up!” This is the key message in my new book, Making Open Innovation Work, which is available on Amazon.com.

Yes, I might make a few bucks on the book if you buy it, but since the key reason for writing this book was to increase the awareness of open innovation, I will give it to you free of charge. I even encourage you to share the book with your network.


The full book: Making Open Innovation Work by Stefan Lindegaard
Text – if  you want to share it with others: About Making Open Innovation Work

SHARE IT WITH OTHERS! Why not give your network, readers or community a free book? You are welcome to share my book with others by writing a short review or post on your site. You can even make the book available for download on your own website! Please also feel free to e-mail the book to your friends and network.

If you decide to share the book with others, I would appreciate a few things:

• mention 15inno.com and my Twitter account @lindegaard as good resources on open innovation – if you think so : – )

• insert a link to Amazon.com in case they prefer to buy the paperback version. The link is: http://www.amazon.com/dp/1463712448

Back to the book!

Practical, engaging and direct! This is the style of my book, which explores the open innovation intersection between big and small companies by covering the following topics:

• Why big companies need small companies as part of their open innovation ecosystems.

• The benefits of open innovation – and the challenges it poses for companies of different sizes.

• How to make open innovation work when the partners are of unequal size.

• Case studies illustrating open innovation between big and small companies.

• How to identify and develop the people who will drive open innovation within an organization.

• What to do if things go awry in an open innovation partnership.

• How to handle issues of intellectual property rights.

• How to use social media tools to build your open innovation capabilities and attract partnerships.

For a while, I have been thinking about the pros and cons on giving a full book away for free. Why not try it out and see what happens? : – ) I hope you will enjoy this read and share it with you network!

Currently there are "35 comments" on this Article:

  1. Danny says:

    I'm really looking forward to this book!

    Will it be published in any other language?

  2. Arv says:

    For a few years I worked at an energy R&D facility in Ottawa. About the time I left there was the beginnings of an initiative to reorient the organization ( 200 or so people out of a parent org of about 700 as I recall. I went back 2 years later. There were the same scientists and engineers doing the same work with the same tools and doing it well. The only thing that seemed to have changed was the project descriptions. Conclusion – it is awfully tough to change a persons passion, one that he/she has studied for and worked at for so many years.

    Over the past 20 years or so the Alberta Research Council was put through at least 5 changes of senior management with changes in organizational structure to boot. Each made changes to some extent but the same people/equipment inertia persisted. It is too soon to judge the latest complete restructuring.

  3. hopefully it will be available on amazon.co.uk?

  4. Mark Biemans says:

    Hi Stefan,
    Just scanned your book. It's great material!
    I do have some questions, later.

  5. Wayne Pan says:

    Thanks, Stefan for the free download. I will have questions later as well.
    Best of luck with this book!

  6. Claude says:

    Thanks Stephan.
    Dowloaded and converted immediately from pdf to ePub (via Calibre) more convenient for my ereader. Feedback will come later.

  7. Hans Jørgen Klein says:

    Hi Stefan, great work 🙂
    I have now read ½ the book and find it really interesting and in some cases a good eye opener.
    Keep up the good work
    Hans Jørgen Klein

  8. Wilfrid says:

    Thanks for the good summary Stefan! It all boils down to the fact that "Culture eats strategy for breakfast".

  9. Nancy White says:

    I'm downloading it now, Stefan. Thanks. (And I'd be happy to send you an electronic copy of our book, Digital Habitats, as small thanks in return. Ebook format is still in the works!)

    I'm working on a a reflection piece for a network of distributed research centers in international development that alas, are still not open. I will be scanning the book for insights to share with them (and will fully reference!) Hopefully the piece will also show up on my blog in a perhaps anonymized fashion.

  10. Gerard says:

    Thanks Stefan, I really like the content. The relation between Small and Big company you described are so real.

  11. Willie Krause says:

    Hi Stefan
    Can I get a refund since I bought your book on Amazon (for Kindle)? But seriously, thank you for a good book on open innovation; it was worth paying for it. Making it available for free allows me to share this with my friends and expand awareness of open innovation – thank you.

  12. carlos aguilera says:

    Hi Stefan, I bought your book in Brazil, I am happy.

  13. Joshua says:

    I have liked your contributions. I have downloaded the book. Thanks

  14. Rildo Santos says:

    Thanks, you for a great book on open.

  15. Carlos Diaz says:

    Hi Stefan,
    I am a professor in a private university in Mexico City (http://www.up.edu.mx/) teaching (in English) Senior Engineering students Business Systems Design where we stress innovation in our lectures. I have downloaded your book and am reading with great interest your blog entries.

    I am confused with the two variants above,

    – The full book: Making Open Innovation Work by Stefan Lindegaard
    – Text – if you want to share it with others: About Making Open Innovation Work

    In case I want to quote your book in one of my lectures, using copy-paste, which of the two should I use?

    Many thanks and looking forward to collaborating with you,

    Carlos Diaz

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  18. bimago says:

    Gran aporte me gustaría leer mas sobre este tema continua asi…Libros gratis para todos!

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