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FACTS: How Companies View Social Media for Innovation Efforts

by Stefan Lindegaard
May 3, 20125/3/12 2 Comments

I often have difficulties presenting hard facts as well as strong cases on how companies use social media for their innovation efforts. Now I just got a big help from SocialSemantic.eu, which is a project/organization working to help Danish companies and organizations become world-class at using social media and new technologies.

They are about to release an interesting factbook based on 2757 respondents who shared how they use social media and new technolgies to create value within their companies and organizations.

I was given a sneak preview on the innovation part of the factbook and I found the results to be interesting as well as encouraging. Interesting to finally get some facts on this and encouraging because the findings show a strong interest for using social media for innovation. Unfortunately, the factbook is only in Danish, but I translated the below images to give you an idea of how companies see a potential in using social media for innovation efforts.

You can download the factbook (in Danish) on this link.





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  1. Boullery says:

    Interesting figures we rarely see. Thank you for acknowledging that we can have no benefit or unknown.

  2. Johnny says:

    The numbers are undeniable, social media is starting to have a much bigger impact on how innovative a company can be–mostly due to the fact that through social media, you can get much quicker responses to your ideas without spending the time in R&D ahead of time.