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A Corporate Innovator’s Advice on Open Innovation

by Stefan Lindegaard
May 23, 20125/23/12 3 Comments

Linda Beltz, Director for Technology Partnerships / Open Innovation at Weyerhaeuser gave a great presentation at the European Open Innovation Summit.

You are lucky because you can download her presentation here: Maximizing OI Effectiveness by Understanding Your “IQ” (Innovation Quotient)

In particular, I liked her list of questions that companies should consider as they are about to embrace open innovation.

Questions on strategic intent:

• What are the strategies of the corporation and business units?
• Is OI being driven at the corporate level or business unit level?
• What is the strategic intent of implementing OI?
• What type of strategic growth is desired?
• Are there corporate goals regarding OI?
• Is there a corporate or business champion?

Questions on cultural acceptance:

• Is there a strong “Not Invented Here” culture?
• Is both success and fast failure celebrated?
• Does the organization use centralized or decentralized functional groups?
• Are business units accepting of centralized functions or do they prefer them within the unit?
• Is there a formal product development process?
• How is innovation with external parties being managed today?

Questions on expectations on open innovation:

• What is expected from OI?
• What is the scope of OI activities?
• Where is OI expected to interface the most?
• Will OI be mostly applied to R&D or to innovation across the enterprise?

Linda also showed us the below slides on the attributes of different open innovation organization structures and gave her advice on when to use which structure. Interesting!

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  1. lacides says:

    From my humble experience; On diagnosing hurdles to improve Innovation culture on the company I work at,
    .- No individual motivation (not recognizing nor training on Innovation)
    .- Not well defined goals on Innovations towards Organizational`s results
    .- Slow on detecting and adapting new technology
    .- Not well defined KPI`s (on individuals related to Innovation)
    Best regards

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