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How Will Mobility and Social Media Impact Open Innovation?

by Stefan Lindegaard
June 22, 20126/22/12 3 Comments

I recently hosted a session with open innovation leaders from companies such as P&G, Shell, Whirlpool, Mattel and MeadWestVaco. One of the things that we discussed was the rise of the mobility trend (use of smartphones, iPads and other on-the-go devices) and how this impacts open innovation.

I often talk about open innovation communities and here the impact will be significant – and you can also get immediate benefits if you pay more attention to the mobility factor. The reason is that most open innovation communities and crowd-sourcing initiatives are made with computers in mind; not mobile units.

However, as contributors are getting more and more busy and getting more and more opportunities to join the ever-growing variety of such initiatives, the lack-of-time factor really starts to kick in.

One way to get around the lack of time is to make the offerings accessible 24/7 and thus allowing people to peek in and perhaps even contribute when they have some time to spent while they are on the go. For this, you need to think in terms of apps rather than web-based solutions.

I see this as a one way in which the mobility and social media trends impact open innovation. What do you think? Can you see other ways in which these trends change how we perceive and approach open innovation?

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  1. cfernando says:

    Stefan, You are correct with regards to mobility becoming an ever increasing factor in how, where, and when individuals and groups can work more effectively in leveraging innovation. But beyond the apps is the fact that there needs to be an infrastructure in place to handle inquiries, connections and so forth for people to leverage mobile devices. This is where I see Cloud based services from Microsoft, Google, Apple, Dropbox and others helping individuals and groups get together to share, collaborate and create new solutions and services in a continous manner irrespective of time or distance.

  2. Stefan, good post. Couple of related thoughts on the topic of mobile and Innovation:
    – Companies from Aetna to American Express, Home Depot, Kraft and others are employing "hackathons" to accelerate innovation, rapidly develop new apps and identify talented developers. See for example the 17-year old who recently won the hackathon at Social-Loco conference with her app for Home Depot – Facebook offered her an internship on the spot.
    – More generally, companies should also consider how mobile is creating new opportunities for innovation. Lots of examples, but here is a presentation that I recently gave on an important set of Trends known as SoLoMo (Social + Location + Mobile). Highlighted the impact of the Cloud, Big Data, sensors and other enablers on Mobile Innovation. http://bit.ly/KuvdzU
    Dr. Phil Hendrix, immr and GigaOm Pro analyst – @phil_hendrix

    • Stefan Lindegaard says:

      Hi Phil,

      Thanks for your insights! I like your presentation on SoLoMo. It will be interesting to follow this development in the coming years.