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Passing the Mental Check on Innovation Challenges

by Stefan Lindegaard
October 29, 201210/29/12 3 Comments

As I mentioned in this blog post, 5 Key Elements for Making Communities Work, I gave a talk at the HYPE Innovation User Forum last year.

At the forum, I met Colin Nelson from HYPE Innovation, who gave an interesting presentation in which he shared some good insights on how to make people participate in innovation challenges.

I especially paid attention to his comments that any individual that we invite to share ideas or expertise run through a series of mental checks before they spare their time. Colin states that these checks are carried out at lightening pace and often done subconsciously. However, if we understand what they are, the answers to such checks can be built into a communications plan.

Some examples are below:

I fully agree with Colin when he says that people are busy and that they will only spare their time if they understand it is for a good purpose and won’t be wasted. He also says that if we give invitees the answers to the questions upfront, before they have time to ask those questions of themselves, we have a much greater chance of receiving the participation we want and need.

I like this advice on innovation challenges. Let me know if you can share similar insights on this.

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  1. Just a comment on the last item, "I don't want to wait years to hear if anything has happened > They're working to a realistinc timeline, I know when I'll hear about next steps"

    The best way to make this happen is to have maximum transparency, and real time technology. Allow comments and feedback to be posted real time, and have a (posted) process for when and how ideas will be evaluated, including what and when the next steps are.

  2. (After I posted a comment and got the message, "Your comment must be approved by the site admins before it will appear publicly.")

    Again–make comments available real time. If you're concerned about spam/junk, a better way to deal with this is to post real time, then give everyone the ability to flag innapropriate comments and check as soon after comments are posted to remove any concerning comments.