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Innovation has to go beyond products and technology!

by Stefan Lindegaard
November 20, 201211/20/12 4 Comments

MIX has started an interesting challenge, Innovating Innovation, in which they are looking for contributions on how to make organizations more innovation-friendly.

Below you can find my contribution for what is called the Quick MIX – very short contributions that can start discussions and bring inspiration to the challenge.

Perhaps you should share your own or comment on those already submitted? Check the challenge here: Innovating Innovation

Innovation has to go beyond products and technology!

Does it matter that you have the best product or technology if this does not provide the best OVERALL solution to the customer? No, it does not help much.

Innovation often fails because there is too much focus on the product or technology aspect of innovation. We need a more holistic approach to innovation; an approach that not only focuses on products and technologies, but also on services and processes.

For this to happen, training and education across the organization is key.

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  1. heath says:

    I work to the five pillars of Innovation in my framework – People, Product, Process, Technology and Service and these bring the challenge that to change or move one be that incremental, radical or transformational the ripple effects need to be considered against both internally facing and both externally facing forces to balance or reach a desired effect or outcome holistically but remembering that some forms of innovation are tactical or strategical in my market space.
    This will different to all based on there virtual but several principles will remain generic such as around dealing with front end innovation for example.

  2. One aspect of innovation that is often overlooked is the amount of change management that is required in an organization to adopt a new innovative product or service. Since people feel safe about their status quo this is a major roadblock to the market penetration of innovations. Unless the innovators and the people that market, sell and implement innovations help customers to change nothing will happen. This means that change management must be a "process component" of any new innovation that shake people up from their status quo v

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