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5 Open Innovation Stories You Might Have Missed (Jan 18)

by Stefan Lindegaard
January 18, 20131/18/13 No Comments

I hope you can find some inspiration in these open innovation stories that surfaced this week.

GameChanger: Open Innovation through Angel Investing:

This story is about Shell, which created an internal venture fund with an open innovation mindset in order to incubate revolutionary ideas.

7th Annual Open Innovation – Marcus Evans conference:

One of the best and longest-running open innovation conferences shared their program this week. The conference takes place in Philadelphia, PA, United States on April 15-17.

3 Videos You Have to See: How an Open Innovation Community Created Assets for an Open Innovation Community:

TopCoder shares their insights learned after launching a competition to have a professional video made for their site. It is about how to approach, manage, iterate within, and wholly execute successful crowdsourced contests.

NASA Launches Open Innovation Challenge to Improve the International Space Station:

NASA has launched a new open innovation challenge to find a solution to maximize the amount of solar energy the International Space Station can harvest. This is the latest in a string of crowdsourcing projects from NASA. The project is being facilitated by TopCoder’s open innovation community with a total prize pool of $30,000. The challenge is open to anyone.

Open Innovation Forum Food & FMCG Pitching Event (Cambridge, UK):

IfM at the University of Cambridge holds an open innovation pitching event on March 11 (apply by January 31). Here food and FMCG companies such as Unilever, General Mills, Tate & Lyle and Crown Packaging seek small commercial or university-based organizations, which could provide innovative solutions to business challenges.