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FREE Books, Papers and Insights on Open Innovation and Innovation Culture

by Stefan Lindegaard
May 30, 20135/30/13 25 Comments

I believe in being open and sharing insights so here you can download free books, papers and exercises related to my work.

I hope you will find this worth your time and if so, it would be great if you can help spread the word about this link to your network and colleagues.

7 Steps for Open Innovation: Grading Your Company’s Open Innovation Capabilities – a 172 page framework / presentation

Most companies are still struggling with their open innovation efforts so I have developed a seven-step assessment tool that helps them evaluate these key areas:

1. Common Language and Understanding, Motivation, Mandate and Strategic Purpose
2. Assets and Needs
3. Value Pools and Channels
4. Internal Readiness
5. External Readiness
6. New Skills and Mindset
7. Communications Strategy

This assessment tool will help companies identify where they may be falling short in any of these key areas as well as provide ideas and insights on how to make the necessary improvements that will give more power to their open innovation efforts.

Free download: 7 Steps for Open Innovation – Grading Your Company’s Open Innovation Capabilities

The People Side of Innovation – a white paper

These days, there is much talk about open innovation, business model innovation and innovation culture. These are important topics, but the most significant element to anything related to innovation will always be people.

It is people who make things happen and this is you, your colleagues, your customers and other external partners that you engage with to bring innovation to market.

It is not that long ago that a good innovator was considered to be a good engineer or R&D person. However, things have changed big time over the last 5-7 years as the open innovation and business model innovation movements continue to rise while companies have failed to upgrade their innovation capabilities during the financial crisis.

In this white paper, I explain the consequences of these changes as I look into the skills and mindset that are required to be a good innovator in this era of “modern innovation,” which is driven more by openness and business models than internal R&D and patents.

The topics include:

• 7 critical personal competencies for innovation success
• an overview of the types of people and functions you need for a strong innovation team
• insights on the key elements for corporate innovation training programs
• a view on why some people kill innovation – and how to deal with them

FREE DOWNLOAD: The People Side of Innovation

Smartfailing: Embrace Failure to Build a Stronger Innovation Culture –  a white paper

When things go wrong (as they frequently will), a smartfailing organization does not focus its energy on assigning blame and doling out consequences. Instead, the smartfailing organization de-stigmatizes failure and uses failure as an opportunity to learn and to find a better course.

In this white paper, I share insights from a recent survey in which I looked at how global innovation teams deal with failure and embrace the concept of smartfailing. I will cover issues such as:

• The key reasons why innovation teams fail – and how they deal with failure
• The honest interaction – or lack thereof – between innovation teams and corporate executives when failure occurs
• The challenges in learning from failure in innovation teams and elsewhere in your organization

FREE DOWNLOAD: Embrace Failure to Build a Stronger Innovation Culture

Innovation Culture: The Big Elephant in the Room – a White Paper

We all talk about it. Some corporate innovation leaders claim to have the answers. Lots of consultants are sure they know. Most CEOs don’t really have a clue. It is just difficult developing a strong and sustainable innovation culture and one key reason is that a corporate culture in general is carved in stone during the first few years of the company’s existence.

But we still need to create strong and sustainable innovation culture. What can be done? This white paper is a good discussion starter as it dives into topics such as:

• Different types of innovation initiatives and how they impact the corporate innovation culture

• Killers and boosters for innovation culture

• Why middle managers hinder innovation just by doing their job

• An overview of the mindset and skills needed to succeed with (open) innovation today

• Innovation methodologies and concepts in your organization

• Why you need a common language and why you need to educate up and down

• Why it should be people first, processes next, and then ideas

FREE DOWNLOAD: Innovation Culture – The Big Elephant in the Room

Innovation-ExercisesInnovation Insights and Exercises by @Lindegaard – a Workbook

Here you get a set of exercises, tools and insights that I hope can help you in your work with innovation. You are welcome to use this in any way you see fit as long as you give due credit. There are more than 40 exercises covering topics such as Open Innovation, Innovation Culture, Communication, The Corporate Innovation Team and Networking.

If you are a consultant or teacher, use the exercises in your interactions with clients and students. If you work in a company, use them in training sessions or to get some inspiration for solving your innovation challenges. It’s up to you!

The only thing I ask for in return is that you share my work with your colleagues, friends and network. Let’s work together to make the (open) innovation movement go even further!

You are of course also welcome to book me for a talk, session or workshop if you want a more facilitated approach to the exercises and tools.

FREE download:

Innovation Exercises and Insights by @Lindegaard LOW QUALITY
Innovation Exercises and Insights by @Lindegaard HIGH QUALITY

Social Media for Corporate Innovators and Entrepreneurs: Add Power to Your Innovation Efforts

“How can my company use social media to bring out better innovation faster?” This is the key question that I explore in this book, which covers issues such as:

• What are the benefits of using social media for innovation efforts?
• What are the challenges and how can you overcome them?
• How can the different social media platforms help bring out better innovation faster?
• How should companies approach social media for this purpose?
• How can innovation leaders get a better understanding of social media and start maximizing the value of their virtual networks?

Social media has the potential to be a game changer for how companies innovate and companies need to pay full attention to the intersection of open innovation and social media if they want to out-innovate their competitors. This might be unchartered territory, but it is full of interesting opportunities.

FREE download: Social Media for Corporate Innovators and Entrepreneurs – by Lindegaard – If you choose this option, it would be great if you will share the link with your colleagues and network. Perhaps you could also write a review on Amazon.com or on your own blog/site.

Click here to buy the Kindle version for a better reading experience.

Making Open Innovation Work

Practical, engaging and direct! This is the style of Making Open Innovation Work, which explores the open innovation intersection between big and small companies by covering the following topics:

• Why big companies need small companies as part of their open innovation ecosystems.
• The benefits of open innovation – and the challenges it poses for companies of different sizes.
• How to make open innovation work when the partners are of unequal size.
• Case studies illustrating open innovation between big and small companies.
• How to identify and develop the people who will drive open innovation within an organization.
• What to do if things go awry in an open innovation partnership.
• How to handle issues of intellectual property rights.
• How to use social media tools to build your open innovation capabilities and attract partnerships.

FREE download: Making Open Innovation Work – by Lindegaard – If you choose this option, it would be great if you will share the link with your colleagues and network. Perhaps you could also write a review on Amazon.com or on your own blog/site.

Click here to buy the Kindle version for a better reading experience.

Working with Stefan Lindegaard:

You might read my books, blog or tweets and wonder how I can help your company on open innovation, social media and intrapreneurship issues. Here you get an overview.

Talks/sessions: As a speaker or session facilitator, I really like to interact with my audience. I prepare to be able to establish a connection that leads to a good two-way discussion that makes it easier for the audience to relate my ideas and insights to their own issues.

I am open to tailoring a talk, session or training program to your needs. My main topics are open innovation, how to use social media for innovation efforts, innovation management, intrapreneurship and the people perspective of innovation.

You can see me in action and find some of my presentation decks here: An Open Innovation Talk by Stefan Lindegaard (Video)

Consulting: As a strategic advisor, I provide corporate innovation units with an external view on the opportunities, challenges and initiatives that are related to further develop their corporate innovation capabilities.

Connecting: I help corporate innovation units connect with other units and thought-leaders within the innovation community and facilitate sharing of insights and experiences. This takes place in one-to-one situations as well as in Corporate Mind Exchange events organized by 15inno.

Promoting: I help companies become the preferred partner of choice within current and future innovation ecosystems and to become an admired innovation leader across all industries. If your foundation is in place, I help create a communication strategy that leverages my social media channels and network.

Let me know if you want to discuss ways of working together. My e-mail is stefanlindegaard@me.com and my Twitter name is @Lindegaard

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  1. Bob Jacobson says:

    Thank you, Stefan. Your book is very valuable and opens new doors for looking into the innovation challenge. Social media one might think are innovation exemplified. True, they result from innovative thinking. But their application is not so crude and straightforward as might be thought at first contact. You've framed social media correctly in their role as tools and means.

  2. agersocialslow says:

    I do not know English, sin. However, I advertised books on FB and Twitter. Good job.
    Dr. Pierini

  3. Javier Lizárraga says:

    Thank you :O)

  4. Jeff Wheeler says:

    Thanks, Stefan.
    I'm enjoying your posts; I will read the books this month.
    I've already shared links to facebook friends, on LinkedIn and tweeted to followers on 1 of my twitter accounts.
    Please keep posting.
    1GreyEagle@facebook.com; or
    tweet me @1GreyEagle1

  5. innothink says:

    Great summary and spot on to the newest developments in using social media as an incubator

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  7. Adolfo says:

    Many thanks!
    I'm just starting in the innovation world and I'm sure that you're books will be very useful for me.

  8. Stefan Lindegaard says:

    Hi Adolfo, I hope you will find them worthwhile 🙂

  9. Great content, thank you, Stefan!

  10. Roopa says:

    Thanks..great insights …will spread the word.

  11. Hans says:

    Excellent reading. Thanks a lot for sharing !

  12. Hector Leal says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing Stefan ! The exercises are just great !. Best Regards !

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