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Job Opening: Director of Strategy, Samsung Open Innovation Center

November 29, 2013 15inno 3 Comments

I like to take a look at job openings related to innovation as they give a good indication of what companies are looking for with regards to the mindset and skills required for innovation.

This job opening for a position at Samsung Open Innovation Center is interesting because it confirms my belief that communication is becoming increasingly important for innovation efforts.

Here you see the duties and responsibilities of the position:

• Strategy development: Lead and support the development of Samsung strategy and long-term strategic priorities across new content and service verticals, and Samsung device portfolio.

• Strategic execution: Structure and lead complex strategic projects for new content service partnerships that differentiate Samsung products and/or grow new revenue streams.  Bring key business and stakeholders together to collaborate and make decisions with a balance of short and long term benefit.

• Thought leadership: Develop and articulate OIC’s position on long-term strategic issues

• Market intelligence: Develop insights about key industry trends (technology, competitive analysis, consumers, etc.) and inform the organization of their strategic implications

They even mention thought leadership directly which is I find to be quite unsual. As a result they are looking for candidates who among other things have strong written and oral communication skills.

Take a look at the job opening yourself: Director of Strategy, Samsung Open Innovation Center. The position is in Mountain View, CA, USA

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  1. Jack Hipple says:

    Stefan, not to be too contrary, but when has communication NOT been an important part of an innovation leadership effort? I can remember this back 30+ years! This requirement is not new, but implementing it successfully will be novel. This is something easy to say, but difficult to do. People at these levels, especially with no "people" training, often forget that there are many different personality and problem solving styles within an organization and not recognizing this and taking advantage of there differences is fatal

    • Stefan Lindegaard says:

      I get your point :-) Nevertheless, I see a huge demand for people working with innovation to become better innovators. This should not only be in the leadership positions but also elsewhere in the innovation efforts. We don't see to disagree on this re your other comments :-)

  2. Margaret Hartnett says:

    What's striking to me here is the need for an MBA and top strategy consulting (BCG, McKinsey, Bain) – it seems surprisingly conventional in qualification requirements