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Leadership and Innovation – What Works?

December 4, 2013 15inno 1 Comment

As I am doing an on-going survey on The People Side of Innovation, I am now starting to get some interesting feedback. This is one of the questions in the survey:

How would you rate these ways for leaders to motivate their employees to become more innovative and help create a better culture for innovation?

…and this is the feedback given so far:

Leaders and Innovation

This confirms my belief that financial rewards are not really that important. I am also happy to see that freedom to operate tops the list although I would have expected an even higher rating for “set clear objectives and expectations”.

What do you think? Share your perspective in the survey by clicking this link.

The full survey will be made publicly available when it is ready. Please share the link with friends, colleagues and others in your network, who work with corporate innovation. The more participants, the better results we all get.

If you like the topic of The People Side of Innovation, you are welcome to join my webinar with InnoCentive on Dec 10. It’s free!

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  1. Job Mathew says:

    Setting clear goals, enabling and recognition are good motivations