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Join my New LinkedIn Group: 15inno – A Network and Training Program for Corporate Innovators

by Stefan Lindegaard
December 18, 201312/18/13 2 Comments

I am now ready to go into beta mode for my network and training tool for corporate innovators. The first element will be an exclusive LinkedIn group (only corporate innovators in large companies will be accepted). You can apply for membership in the group here: 15inno – A Network and Training Program for Corporate Innovators

Next up will be a web and app service that I will use as the platform for webinars, interviews and other interactive features. This will be ready in Q1, 2014.

Please note that the network and service is free of charge while in beta mode. The pricing model is still to be determined, but the plan is to offer individual, team and corporate packages. A corporate package can also be tailored to specific needs.

Do you want to know more about the network and training tool? Here you get a short introduction!

A Training Program and Network on Corporate Innovation – Pick the Brain of @Lindegaard and his Network!

Imagine a corporate innovation team working on challenges such as:

• how to train executives (and others in your organization) on innovation
• how to improve the corporate innovation culture
• how to develop or improve open innovation strategies and approaches
• how to improve networking and communication skills in the context of corporate innovation
• how to embrace “smart-failing” in order to create a more adaptive corporate culture

These are just some examples of topics where I can contribute with my insights and act as a facilitator who provides not only inspiration, but also practical advice on how to make things happen.

The interaction will happen through channels and tools such as:

• An exclusive group on LinkedIn where you can ask questions on your issues
• Frequent webinars based on your challenges or my topics
• A monthly update on articles/blog posts worth reading
• Lots of resources on an exclusive website and an app-based platform
• …more features to be added based on the needs of the members

This idea will be work in progress for a while, but I sense an interesting opportunity for bringing value to corporate innovation teams through this model of facilitation, crowdsourcing and peer-to-peer sharing of insights.


It would be great to have 6-10 companies onboard as “co-founders” for the beta-development of the app and service. Besides the recognition, these companies will be able to influence the development of the service. The more I know about their situation, needs and issues, the better I can address this in the service.

The co-founders will be asked to contribute with USD 10,000 each. This will also cover a corporate subscription for the service for 2014. The service should be up and running end of Q1.

Get in touch – stefanlindegaard@me.com!

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  1. Emmanuel Le Bouille says:

    Excellent initiative!
    Not surprisingly in tune with the outcome of your recent survey "the people side of innovation"
    Count me in!

  2. Kaja Morun says:

    Could you give us more examples about how to improve the corporate innovation culture?