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Survey Insights: The People Side of Innovation

by Stefan Lindegaard
December 20, 201312/20/13 2 Comments

These days, there is much talk about open innovation, business model innovation and innovation culture. These are important topics, but the most significant element to anything related to innovation will always be people.

It is people that make things happen and this is you, your colleagues, your customers and other external partners that you engage with to bring innovation to market.

I talked about this in my recent webinar on The People Side of Innovation and as preparation for the webinar, I did a survey. Among other things, I asked three important questions:

• What are the most important personal qualifications for people working with innovation?

• What should leaders do to motivate their employees to become more innovative and help create a better culture for innovation?

• Are intrapreneurship programs relevant for upgrading corporate innovation capabilities?

If you would like to know the answers to these – and other questions – then you should check the insights from my survey, which is based on 58 respondents mostly from large companies.

Download: Survey Insights – The People Side of Innovation

BONUS: Do you want to watch my presentation on The People Side of Innovation? You can find a recorded version of the webinar here.

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  1. Emmanuel Le Bouille says:

    This is a very interesting survey Stefan!; Fully agree with the outcome to the first 2 questions above; ability to deal with uncertainty, persistence& ability to get things done are essential qualifications. Confirmed motivation trigger is Freedom to OPERATE helped by bootcamps and empowerement programms;
    Let's get it done!

  2. Francisco says:

    Hi Stefan,
    Great survey and very interesting insights.
    It clearly shows the importance of having the right qualifications/competences to make innovation work. We even did a blogpost called WHAT YOU NEED TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN YOUR NEW INNOVATION ROLE (http://www.exagomarkets.com/what-you-need-to-be-successful-in-your-new-innovation-role/) based on the results from Stefan's survey.
    We hope our analysis will help innovation people position themselves within their companies as well as increase support for innovation programs.