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The Language of Innovation – Tricky, but Important Issue

by Stefan Lindegaard
January 8, 20141/8/14 1 Comment

I just read a good blog post by Jeffrey Phillips on Why Innovation Needs Its Own Language.

In particular, I like this overview of challenges and questions related to the language of innovation:

“Any organization that hopes to innovate consistently and well has the following challenges with language and context that it must address in order to work more successfully:

• Lack of shared meaning
• Lack of systemic context
• No clear linkage to strategy or goals
• Ideas no longer hold their original meanings or the culture rejects their meaning
• Language limits or narrows discussion or thinking rather than encouraging and broadening it
• Words become filler or placeholders, not meant to encourage thinking or action

What is your innovation language? Do the words you use have shared meaning? Do they work within a common context?”

I have written extensively on the topics of language, definition and communication in the context of innovation on 15inno.com. The short recap is that I do not believe in one universal definition of innovation. I believe companies need to develop their own definition and language around innovation in a way that fits their situation and context. They need to do so in order to get their employees as well as their external innovation partners on the same page.

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  1. filibertoamati says:

    There is a great article by Prof. Rao on the Lingua Franca of Innovation (http://www.ieseinsight.com/doc.aspx?id=1388&ar=9), in which the author explains how a common innovation language is a necessary condition to innovation happening within an organization. Moreover the lingua franca can be only achieved once we have rid the organization of innovation myths