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No more blog posts on 15inno

by Stefan Lindegaard
March 13, 20163/13/16 76 Comments

Dear friends,

I will no longer share insights and perspectives on 15inno. You can follow my work on LinkedIn Pulse.

You can also interact with me on corporate transformation based on digitalization, disruption and innovation here on Transform – or Die!


Don’t Waste a Good Crisis!

by Stefan Lindegaard
January 19, 20161/19/16 54 Comments

Crises are the new normal. Unfortunately, the world sees plenty of them these days. They come in the form of security, political, societal, natural, environmental and business forms. They are everywhere.

For executives – and the organizations they lead – this means many things. Some examples: You can’t sit in a corner office and lay down strategy plans for the next 5 to 10 years. You need to have your senses out all the time so that you can move fast with your feet.…

Accelerators and Incubators for Corporate Transformation

by Stefan Lindegaard
January 12, 20161/12/16 82 Comments

Corporate accelerators and incubators are popping up all around.

Their purposes are often multifold so in this post, I have pulled together some information on 3 programs that not only aims to grow new business opportunities and thus revenues and profits, but also aims to make an impact on the organization itself and thus help with its transformation efforts.


Metlife and LumenLab – tapping into Asia and going beyond insurance:

My view:

The thing I really like about LumenLab is the people behind it.…

How Big Companies Transform, Survive and Prosper: Lessons from GE

by Stefan Lindegaard
December 29, 201512/29/15 36 Comments

In a business world, where everything happens faster, large companies need to become more agile and flexible. Some decide to make a few changes; others decide to go all in.

GE goes all in. Their FastWorks program is not just about getting better products and services to market faster. It is about transforming the entire +300,000 company.

Here you get a collection of good reads on GE´s FastWorks program. I have included some short snippets on each read, but you should go through all of them to get an idea of how important the program is for GE and why it should inspire other large companies to initiate similar programs.…

The 10 Best Companies for Corporate (Digital) Transformation

by Stefan Lindegaard
December 29, 201512/29/15 45 Comments

Companies must become faster, more agile and more willing to experiment on many levels if they want to succeed. For many companies, this requires a corporate transformation rather than just small adjustments.

I am doing lots of research on this and here you get an overview of my favorite companies and organizations to observe and interact with. I truly believe that their efforts can inspire you and your colleagues and bring your company insights that can help make your company even better.…

Transform by Lindegaard: Will You Share Your Feedback on My Next Initiative?

by Stefan Lindegaard
December 8, 201512/8/15 2 Comments

I am looking for feedback on a potentially new initiative; Transform by Lindegaard. Will you help?

The pitch:

Would you like to interact with strong minds, who are ready to transform how innovation and business happens in the near future?

We focus on four key things;

Listen: How to improve the capability for listening better to what happens within – and in particular – outside of an organization?

Adapt: How to help an organization adapt to the new insights gained by listening better?…

Talents and Teamwork for Better Business and Innovation: A Five Functions Example

by Stefan Lindegaard
December 5, 201512/5/15 No Comments

The business units and innovation teams in large companies and organizations need to improve their capability for listening to their current and potential ecosystems and for responding and adapting to the threats and opportunities that they pick up by doing so. They also need to become better at communicating about their own capabilities in order to attract the best partners – internally as well as externally – if they want to succeed.

How do you set up such capabilities?…

The Perfect Storm: Why Big Companies Get Better at Innovation

by Stefan Lindegaard
August 18, 20158/18/15 17 Comments

I had an interesting discussion recently in which I heard arguments why big companies are not good at innovation and why this will not change in the future, which belongs to the more nimble and adaptive startups.

I fully understand why many people do not believe in the innovation capabilities of big companies today and in the future, but I have faith in them. Things will change and we will see that big companies will improve significantly on their innovation efforts in the next 3-7 years.…

4 Lenses of Innovation: A Great Tool for Creativity and Innovation

by Stefan Lindegaard
August 13, 20158/13/15 17 Comments

I am a big fan of Rowan Gibson and his work on the 4 lenses of innovation. Not so long ago, Rowan published a book on his work and this is something you should definitely check out.

Rowan states that if we unpack hundreds of cases of successful innovation, it turns out that there is a common signature to all of these big ideas. Time and again, visionary inventors and entrepreneurs came to their insights and discoveries not by sitting there waiting for a Eureka moment but by looking at the world from particular perspectives.…

Stop Doing Stupid Things: The Innovation Challenge for All Companies

by Stefan Lindegaard
August 11, 20158/11/15 21 Comments

There are lots of innovation challenges out there as there are lots of problems to be solved and lots of new ideas and input to be taken in.

One of the key issues with innovation challenges is to develop the right questions and challenges to ask to the right audience.

Today, I heard of a great theme for a challenge. It was so simple and yet so relevant that many other companies should do it. The theme was:

What are the stupid things that we should stop doing?…