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The Power of Empathy in Innovation

September 20, 2013 Innovation, Open Innovation 1 Comment
by Stefan Lindegaard

I believe that the innovation output would be much better if we really know and care about those we innovate with. How can we become better at this? Well, you can start by asking yourself questions like …

Metrics and Open Innovation: What Should We Measure?

March 26, 2013 Open Innovation 3 Comments
by Stefan Lindegaard

This is a difficult topic. There is definitely some in the adage of “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”. However, I have seen too many examples in which smart people get side-tracked on what …

Passing the Mental Check on Innovation Challenges

October 29, 2012 Open Innovation 3 Comments
by Stefan Lindegaard

As I mentioned in this blog post, 5 Key Elements for Making Communities Work, I gave a talk at the HYPE Innovation User Forum last year.

At the forum, I met Colin Nelson from HYPE Innovation, …

Why Open Innovation is Not for Small Companies

by Stefan Lindegaard

This blog post was first published more than two years ago. I decided to re-post it because the topic is still relevant and because of the value in the many great comments that my fairly provocative thoughts …

Is Corporate Venture Dead? Is Open Innovation the New Thing?

by Stefan Lindegaard

NOTE: I just had another great visit in Silicon Valley and one thing I picked up this time is the surge of corporate venture like initiatives in the area. I met with several such units and I …

From Archer to Magnet: A Good Goal for Open Innovation

April 10, 2012 Open Innovation 1 Comment
by Stefan Lindegaard

A while back, I met with Jan Bosch, a former VP of Open Innovation at Intuit. As you might already know, I am a big fan of their work on Intuit Collaboratory and especially on how …

The Side Effects of Open Innovation

March 30, 2012 Open Innovation 14 Comments
by Stefan Lindegaard

Open innovation will not only lead to new ways of making innovation happen. Innovation leaders and their executives will also experience side effects. I think most of these effects will be positive, but some will be mixed …

You Always Have to Sell Innovation!

by Stefan Lindegaard

As an innovation leader or intrapreneur, you always have something to sell. In the end it is a product or a service, but during the development of a revenue-generator, you have to sell a vision to internal …

7 Challenges for Corporate Innovation Units

October 31, 2011 Open Innovation 7 Comments
by Stefan Lindegaard

What are the key challenges for corporate innovation units? Let’s have a discussion on this. Below you get my starters. Your input is highly appreciated!

Hit the window! The window of opportunity gets smaller and smaller and …

FREE BOOK: Making Open Innovation Work

October 28, 2011 15inno, Open Innovation 24 Comments
by Stefan Lindegaard

“Big and small companies—you need to open up!” This is the key message in my new book, Making Open Innovation Work, which is available on Amazon.com.

Yes, I might make a few bucks on the …