7 Steps for Open Innovation by @Lindegaard: Grading Your Company’s Open Innovation Capabilities

I am happy to give you access to the PowerPoint presentation deck for my new concept, which I might turn into an open source project (see more below).

The premise for the 7 Steps for Open Innovation …

15 Examples of Open Innovation between Big Companies and Startups

Open innovation is a strategic game for big companies and one of the most important moves to consider for their innovation leaders is the allocation of focus and resources in the context of open innovation.

Here we …

FREE Books, Papers and Insights on Open Innovation and Innovation Culture

I believe in being open and sharing insights so here you can download free books, papers and exercises related to my work.

I hope you will find this worth your time and if so, it would be …

An Open Innovation Talk by Stefan Lindegaard (Video)

Do you want some insights and inspiration on open innovation? Then you should check out this presentation that I gave at the recent re:publica conference in Berlin.

YouTube Preview Image

Here you get a short description of the talk:

Companies …

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Disruptive Innovation at Large Companies: The Examples of Tesla, GE, Apple and Cisco

October 2, 2014 15inno No Comments
by Stefan Lindegaard

When I posted an article, 9 Innovation Concepts and Methodologies to Embrace, Consider or Re-think, I got a relevant comment from Collin Smith, which went like this:

“For large companies to introduce disruptive innovations into …

What Does Good Collaboration Look Like?

October 1, 2014 15inno No Comments
by Stefan Lindegaard

Roland Harwood of 100% Open recently wrote an interesting article on Achieving Win-Win Collaboration in which he stated that successful collaboration is both an art and a science and that you need to get the right balance …

7 Great Insights on People, HR and Open Innovation

September 29, 2014 15inno No Comments
by Stefan Lindegaard

If you believe that people are a key element in innovation, then you should check out this article: Implications of Open Innovation Trends for HR

It starts out with this intro and questions:

Open innovation is changing …

Me First, Team Next, Company Last: The Truth of Corporate Loyalty?

September 29, 2014 15inno No Comments
by Stefan Lindegaard

I had an interesting comment to my recent post on why executives do not get innovation. It went like this:

“Essentially, I attest that people believe they either work for a brand/company independent of themselves (boss-subordinate relationship) …

14 Quotes on Open Innovation, Crowdsourcing and Innovation Management

September 28, 2014 15inno No Comments
by Stefan Lindegaard

Here you get 14 of my quotes, remarks and tweets on open innovation, crowdsourcing and innovation management. Maybe they can inspire or make you reflect on your innovation efforts.

“Crowdsourcing has been hijacked by marketing departments; corporate …

The Best of Open Innovation: Chicago Oct 30-31

September 25, 2014 15inno No Comments
by Stefan Lindegaard

I will be speaking at the Open Innovation Summit in Chicago next month. This 2-day event brings together OI practitioners from across all industries, to share their best-practices and success stories on implementing and running open innovation …

Free Webinar: Why Should Companies Open Up Their Innovation Efforts?

September 24, 2014 15inno No Comments
by Stefan Lindegaard

You should expect that companies have clear reasons for pursuing open innovation and a strategy for executing on this.

Well, this is not always the case and I will address this issue on my Oct 1 webinar, …

Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing in Emerging Countries

September 22, 2014 15inno No Comments
by Stefan Lindegaard

Many companies around the world know the benefits of open innovation and crowdsourcing with speed and diversity being the most important ones.

The combination of the two can enable companies that are successful with open innovation to …

Open Innovation in the Sports Industry

September 17, 2014 15inno No Comments
by Stefan Lindegaard

I just went through a SlideShare presentation titled Innovation in the Sports Industry. It was interesting enough for me to share it in this blog post where I am also asking for your answers to a …

Cisco: Entrepreneurs in Residence, Open Innovation and Communication

September 15, 2014 15inno No Comments
by Stefan Lindegaard

Let me start out by making it clear that I think Cisco is doing quite well with their Entrepreneurs in Residence Program (EIR).

The initiative is relevant and timely as startups today are viewed as some of …